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Water Heater Repair

When your water is not getting hot, you need it repaired on the double. Candu™ can help.

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A long, hot shower is one of life’s greatest pleasures — and few things can ruin your day faster than finding there’s no hot water, either because your water heater is on the fritz (again!) or because it’s no longer big enough to meet the needs of your growing family. Once you have a few kids in the house, you might find you need a bigger water heater, too.

Common Issues

When your water heater isn’t producing hot water anymore, the problem could be any number of issues. If you have a gas water heater, the problem could be as simple as an extinguished pilot light. Has anyone shut off the main gas valve for your house recently?  

Regardless, your pilot light is the first thing you should check — if you’re lucky, that’s all it is, and you’ll have hot water flowing again in no time. But other problems can make your water heater stop heating too, and some of them require professional help. Maybe your water heater’s tank is leaking, and that has extinguished the pilot light. If that’s the case, you’ll need a new hot water heater. 

Other problems that could affect your water heater include knocking and banging due to sediment buildup, which happens when you haven’t drained your water heater within the last year or two. After five years or so, your water heater’s anode rod could go out. A bad heating element, thermostat, or thermocouple could be at fault for a lack of hot water. One of the service pros in the Candu Pro network can help diagnose the problem. 

Candu can help

Of course, like every other system in your home, your water heater needs regular service and repair. And your water heater is one of those things you can’t do without for a few days or a week while you research service and repair options. Every day you spend searching for “water heater repair near me” is a day you’re taking sponge baths in the kitchen sink with water boiled on the stove. 

Brands Serviced

  • GE 

  • A.O. Smith 

  • Rheem 

  • Whirlpool 

  • Kenmore 

  • EcoSmart 

  • Bradford White 

  • State 

  • Rinnai 

Water heaters for residential use hold 40, 50, or 55 gallons, typically, although you might buy a larger water heater, or even a tankless model, if you have a large family or simply want a larger supply of hot water. The Candu Pros we work with are experienced at servicing and repairing all major brands of water heaters, both tank and tankless models, so you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands. 

Types Serviced

For years, there have been two basic types of water heaters — tank and tankless. Tank water heaters store water in a reservoir and heat it using gas or electricity. As the water reservoir or tank empties, the water heater refills again with cold water from the main water line into the house, and when all the hot water in the tank is depleted, the water heater must heat it again. 

Because they must heat water before distributing throughout your house, tank water heaters run out of hot water eventually, if you use enough of it. Tankless water heaters don’t have that problem, because they heat water as they draw it from the main water line. Though tankless water heaters are more expensive, they offer an endless supply of hot water. 

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Parts We Replace

When your water heater is no longer heating water, and you can’t diagnose the problem yourself, we can help you connect with a Candu Pro who will replace the faulty part or parts and get your water heater working again. Some of the parts that could fail on a water heater include: 

  • In an electric water heater, the heating element 
  • In a gas water heater, the thermocouple 
  • The anode rod 
  • The drain valve 
  • The cold water valve 
  • The temperature and pressure relief valve 
  • The dip tube 
  • The hot water outlet 
  • In a gas water heater, the burner 
  • The overflow pipe 

Your water heater is a finely tuned machine, and you need the expertise of a professional plumber to repair it properly. Don’t waste time searching on your own. We can help you book some of the best local plumbers in your area right now. 

Should you repair or replace your water heater?

Most water heaters last about to 12 years. When your water heater is getting older, it’s time to consider replacing it, rather than having it fixed, especially if you’ve had to have it repaired more often recently. At some point, the cost of constantly repairing your water heater outweighs the cost of replacing it.

How do you know when it’s really time for a new water heater? The Candu Pro we connect you with can assess the condition of your existing unit, and let you know whether it’s cost-effective to repair it, given its age, or whether replacing it is a better idea. You can trust his or her advice.

DIY Tips

When your water heater stops heating water, there are a couple of things you can try in order to fix it. Check out this guide to get started.

DIY tips are for informational purposes only. Learn more.

water heater maintenance

Water Heater Maintenance

Water heater maintenance is essential to making sure your water heater lasts for as long as possible. You should maintain your water heater by draining and flushing it at least once a year to remove mineral sediment that builds up in the tank. Tankless models also suffer from mineral deposits and need to be flushed out and cleaned yearly. 

If you don’t flush your water heater, it may not last for 8 to 12 years, because sediments will build up in the tank and cause the metal to corrode. This could allow the water in the tank to eat through the reservoir, and you could find yourself with a leaking water heater. Once that happens, you’ll definitely need to buy a new one. 

Take good care of your water heater, and it’ll take good care of you. When problems arise, look no further than Candu for help. We’ll book the right Candu Pro to solve your problem, so you can get back to enjoying long, hot showers.

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