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Toilet Repair

Do you have a toilet that won’t stop running? Is it clogged, cracked, or leaking? Get your toilet repaired when you need it.


Do you have a toilet that won’t stop running? Is it clogged, cracked, or leaking? Are you spending way too much of your free time on the internet searching for “plumbers near me”?

If there’s one fixture in your home that needs to stay in commission at all times, it’s your toilet. When nature calls, you can't just hit decline. Whether it means snaking out a clog, replacing the parts in the toilet tank, or replacing the entire toilet, you need to do what you’ve got to do to keep your bathroom functional. 

Common Issues

Flush toilets are one of the modern world’s best conveniences, but like most things, they have their weaknesses. Most families will clog a toilet once in a while, and sometimes even a vigorous plunging just isn’t enough to clear it.

It’s also not unusual for toilets to keep running, usually due to a faulty flapper or fill valve. A running toilet might not seem like that big of a deal, but it can cost you hundreds over the course of a year in wasted water. Sometimes, problems with the flapper and fill mechanism in the tank can mean that your toilet won’t flush, either because the tank won’t fill or because the flapper won’t engage.

Other common toilet problems include gurgling sounds, which can happen when air gets into the drainage or ventilation system for your sewage. Toilets can leak from the tank if the water supply line comes loose or gets damaged, if the tank is cracked, or if the seals go bad. Water can leak from the bowl of the toilet if it’s cracked or if the seal between the toilet and floor goes bad.

Candu™ can help.

That’s why Candu is here. We’ve got all the solutions you need to solve your toilet problems and get your bathroom open for business again. Need to find a plumber right away? We can help you book someone online today. 

Brands Serviced

  • American Standard 

  • Kohler 

  • Sterling 

  • SaniFlo 

  • Gerber 

  • Duravit 

  • Jacuzzi  

Chances are, you probably have one of these popular brands of toilet listed above in your bathroom. Today’s toilets come with a surprising range of features. Most people in North America still do their reading on a standard, white porcelain, low-flow toilet with zero bells and whistles. Your Candu Pro can repair all brands of toilets, even less common brands, like Cotto and Eago. We can help you find local plumbing services with the skills and experience you need to get your job done right. 


Types Serviced

Until you’ve personally shopped for a new toilet, you’ve probably never put much thought into the different types — you may not have even realized that there are so many! Some of the basic toilet types that your Candu Pro can repair or replace include: 

  • One- and two-piece toilets 
  • Compact toilets 
  • Corner toilets 
  • Square toilets 
  • Elongated toilets  
  • Tankless toilets  
  • Round bowl toilets 
  • Dual flush toilets 
  • Touchless toilets 
  • Comfort-height toilets 
  • Wall toilets 

No matter what kind of toilet you have in your bathroom, Candu can book a local, experienced professional who will repair it for you. 

Do you need toilet repair? Book service now.

Parts We Replace

Toilets are fairly simple and work mostly using gravity, which means they don’t have many parts. That’s good news for the average homeowner, who needs his or her toilet to function with as few breakdowns as possible. 

Most two-piece toilets consist of a tank and a bowl — the tank fills with water, and when the lever is pressed, that water rushes into the bowl to flush it clean. One-piece toilets also have a tank, but the tank and bowl are fused together into a single unit. Some toilets don’t have a tank — tankless models receive water straight from the line.

Inside the toilet tank, you’ll find a fill valve, a flush valve, a flapper, and a gasket. The tank lever inside the tank attaches to a handle outside the tank, which is flushed to raise the flapper and empty the tank. Between the bowl and the floor, you’ll find another gasket, usually a wax O-ring, sealing the gap between the toilet and the floor. Your Candu Pro can replace any of these parts.

Should you repair or replace your toilet?

Toilets last a long time — the average lifespan of a toilet is about 25 years, only because most toilets get chipped or damaged, or the homeowner wants to update the look of the bathroom. However, a toilet can last as long as 50 years with luck and good maintenance.

That’s because most toilet problems can be repaired. A plumbing service can probably fix a running toilet, or one that won’t flush, whether it is due to a clog or some problem with the fill and flush mechanism inside the tank. A low water level in the bowl can also usually be fixed.

If you’re having to have your toilet repaired often, though, or it's getting clogged a lot, you might want to consider replacement. Another sign that it’s time to replace your toilet is if the bowl or tank gets cracked. Even superficial scratches in the porcelain of your toilet can harbor bacteria and capture dirt, which isn’t sanitary, and doesn’t look great, either. 

DIY Tips

Toilet not flushing? It could be due to a stoppage. Check out this video to help you have your toilet up and running in no time. 

DIY tips are for informational purposes only. Learn more.

toilet maintenance

Toilet Maintenance

Toilet maintenance is pretty straightforward. The biggest thing you can do is not flush anything besides toilet paper and human waste. Keep your eyes peeled for water leaks on the floor around your toilet, and use food coloring in your toilet tank to check for leaks — the colored water will seep into the bowl if your tank is leaking.

Every so often, you should check the shut-off valve behind your toilet to make sure it’s not rusted open — that way, you’ll be able to shut off the water to your toilet if you need to. And you should remove the tank lid and flush the toilet once in a while to make sure that the water stops flowing into the tank after the tank is full.

When your toilet needs repaired or replaced, don’t wait. You need to get this essential bathroom fixture working again as soon as possible. With Candu, you’ll have access to a nationwide network of plumbers and other service professionals who can help.

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