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Swamp Cooler Repair

Get cold air when you need it. Swamp cooler repairs by Candu™ Pros.

swamp cooler

Common Issues

Some common issues homeowners have with swamp coolers include: 

  • Excess build-up of dirt on the cooling pads 
  • Ruptured water lines 
  • An open damper 
  • A swampy smell 

These problems can largely be mitigated by winterizing a swamp cooler properly. For example, water lines to a swamp cooler can rupture if they aren’t completely drained of water before freezing weather hits. This can cause water damage inside the home if the water lines run through the attic, for example, or through another part of the home. 

If the damper to the swamp cooler is left open during the winter, heat can escape the home through it. This can lead to higher energy costs. And if the cooler isn’t tightly covered during the winter, dirt can build up excessively on the cooling pads, and they’ll need to be replaced more often. Odd smells from the swamp cooler can be remedied with regular cleaning of the unit. 

How Swamp Coolers Work

Have you ever waved a wet cloth around a few times to cool it off? Do you know how you always feel cooler when you’re wet, even when it’s warm outside? The reason why that happens is because of evaporative cooling.  Evaporative cooling uses water to cool hot, dry air.  

It’s the same principle on which a swamp cooler works. The water will absorb heat in order to evaporate — a lot of heat. An electric fan pulls hot air in, where it passes across wet evaporative pads, and emerges crisp and fresh.  

Most swamp coolers these days trap water in thick cooler pads that have multiple layers, maximizing surface area as they absorb water from the water reservoir. But, like most HVAC systems, swamp coolers can occasionally break down. 

Brands Serviced

  • Dayton

  • MasterCool 

  • Cool-Space 

  • Arizona 

  • Champion 

  • Honeywell 

  • Essick 

  • Keystone 

  • Hessaire 

  • North Star 

  • NewAir 

  • Delonghi 

  • Costway 

Service professionals in the Candu Pro Network service all major brands of swamp cooler. All brands of swamp cooler work on the same evaporative cooling principles. That means all of them are going to have similar parts — an electric fan, water hoses, belts, motors, cooling pads, a water reservoir, and a control panel. Problems with any of these components can make your single-room, portable, or whole-house swamp cooler malfunction, but Candu is here to help. Book an appointment with one of our Candu Pros online, and someone will be out to help you.


Types Serviced

The service professionals in the Candu Pro Network service all types of evaporative coolers. There are four main types of swamp coolers, including: 

  • Window and through-the-wall swamp coolers 
  • Portable swamp coolers 
  • Side discharge coolers 
  • Down discharge coolers 

No matter what kind of evaporative cooler or coolers you’re using in your home, they’re going to eventually need service. That’s where the Candu Pro Network comes in. When you have a problem with your swamp cooler, whether it’s a whole-house unit or a smaller unit, book an appointment with one of the professionals in our network and get your unit repaired or replaced. 

If you live in a hot, arid climate, a swamp cooler might be a more efficient way to cool and humidify your home than a standard HVAC. Though swamp coolers aren’t prevalent in most of the country, about 26% of homeowners in the Rocky Mountain range use them. They’re based on technology that has been used to cool homes for thousands of years.  

Do you need swamp cooler repair? Book your service now.

Parts We Replace

In the days of the ancient Egyptians, swamp cooling was done through the use of fans to push air across jars of waterAlthough technology has improved a lot since then, modern swamp coolers have a lot of moving (and stationary) parts, including the: 

  • Blower pulley 
  • Motor and motor pulley 
  • V-belt 
  • Water pump 
  • Shaft bearings 
  • Overflow and drain tubes 
  • Evaporative pads 
  • Float valve 
  • Wire connection box 
  • Distribution tubing 

If any one of these parts breaks or malfunctions, your swamp cooler could stop working altogether, stop working as well, or even start smelling funny. Some parts need replacementd more often than others, and some may never need replaced at all, but the Candu Pro Network service professional who performs your service call should be able to replace any part of your swamp cooler.

Should you repair or replace your swamp cooler?

When is it time to replace, rather than repair, your swamp cooler? Choosing to replace a portable or single-room unit might be easier, but the decision to replace a whole-house unit may be one that keeps you up at night, considering the cost of replacement versus repair.  

But repairing a unit that’s on its last legs may not save you money in the long run, because you’ll just have to keep paying to keep getting it fixed. Signs that it's time to replace, rather than repair, your evaporative cooler include: 

  • It’s no longer putting out cold air like it used to 
  • It’s begun to leak or rust 
  • It’s making funny noises 

However, before you start shopping around for a new unit, talk to a service professional. Some problems may be more repairable than you think. For example, it may seem like you need to replace a swamp cooler that has stopped working, but you might just need a new swamp cooler motor. 

Swamp Cooler Maintenance

Swamp coolers need to be serviced and inspected regularly to keep them in good working order and prevent unnecessary wear and tear. Inspect the steel housing of your unit monthly for signs of rust. If you aren’t going to be using your swamp cooler for a couple of days, drain the water from the unit to keep bacteria from growing inside it. 

Your Candu Pro can perform other maintenance tasks, including inspecting the cooling pads to determine if they need to be cleaned or replaced. Usually, maintenance involves adjusting the belt and water levels, and draining water from the unit to remove mineral buildup or prevent bacteria growth. 

When you need help to repair, replace, or maintain your swamp cooler, you need the service professionals in the Candu Pro Network. We work with service pros all around the country to provide our Members with the skilled help they need

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