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Sink & Faucet Repair

Leaks, clogs, or repairs. Candu™ has you covered for your sink repair needs.


A broken sink or faucet is a real pain, but it’s more than that — it makes simple daily tasks like washing up and doing dishes nearly impossible and can have a huge impact on your quality of life. So, whether your broken or clogged sink is in your kitchen, bathroom, utility room, or somewhere else, you need to find a plumber to fix it while you still have your sanity. 

Common Issues

It’s one of the most important fixtures in any bathroom, kitchen, or utility room, and it also has its place in wet bars, outdoor kitchens, garages and workshops. Sink problems can be a real hassle, and they can leave you guessing about what to do. 

Some of the most common problems that the plumbers in the Candu Pro network can help with include: 

  • Clogged faucets 
  • Clogged drains 
  • Leaky handles and dripping faucets 
  • Leaking from the plumbing or drain basket underneath the sink 

Candu also provides DIY tips to solve problems like fixing a clogged sink that won’t drain. No matter what your sink issue, we can help you fix it yourself or find a Candu Pro to get it fixed. 

Candu can help.

And getting your sink fixed isn’t just a matter of easing your own stress. Not fixing a relatively small sink issue today could mean coping with a much bigger problem tomorrow. At Candu, we understand how important it is to keep your sinks in good working order, for your health, happiness, and peace of mind. 

Brands Serviced

  • Kohler 

  • Ruvati 

  • Kraus 

  • Frigidaire 

  • Zuhne 

  • Kingo 

  • KES 

  • Vccucine 

  • Walcut 

  • Aquaterior 

  • Moen 

  • Swanstone 

  • Luxier 

There are many different brands of sink for the kitchen, bath, and utility room, and you can choose from sink materials like porcelain or ceramic, enameled stainless steel, plain stainless steel, and even plastic. Fortunately, all sinks work pretty much the same way, and follow the same basic design. Candu Pros can service sinks from all the major brands. If you’re replacing sink hardware like faucets or drains, your Candu Pro can help with that, too.

Types Serviced

Sinks aren’t as simple as they used to be. These days, homeowners can choose from a dizzying range of sinks for the kitchen, bath, wet bar, utility room, and more. In the bathroom, you might have a pedestal sink, a wall-mounted sink, a vanity sink, a self-rimming sink, an undermount sink, a console sink, or a vessel sink.

In the kitchen, you might have a farmhouse or apron sink, a bar sink, an undermount sink, or a cast iron sink, perhaps with an enamel plating. Double-basin stainless steel sinks are a popular and timeless choice, as are bar sinks, kitchen island sinks, and sinks with drain boards. No matter what type of sink you need serviced, Candu can help you find a local plumber to fix, install, or replace it. 

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Parts We Replace

Most of the parts of your sink are hidden away in the cabinet underneath your sink, although that of course depends on its design. While some parts, like the basin and drain board, might not need service at all throughout the life of your sink, other parts will require some upkeep and occasional repair.

Sink parts that your Candu Pro can service include the faucet, handles, supply lines, trap, dishwasher lines, and stopper. If you have a garbage disposal in your sink that needs to be serviced, we can help you find a Candu Pro for that, too. 

Should you repair or replace your sink or faucet?

Porcelain and stainless steel sinks can last anywhere from 15 to 30 years, with porcelain sinks lasting 30 years or longer. Porcelain sinks with cast-iron cores can last the longest, and many porcelain sinks can be refinished multiple times. 

Often, it’s the hardware on the sink that needs replaced, rather than the basins themselves. Faucets, handles, stoppers, drains, and traps are the parts that typically fail and need to be replaced. Of course, you could also choose to replace your sink because you’re ready for an updated look, or because the old sink has become scruffy-looking. 

DIY Tips

Have a clogged sink? Check out this video to learn some quick tips that may help you fix it in no time! 

DIY tips are for informational purposes only. Learn more.

sink and faucet maintenance

Sink & Faucet Maintenance

Sinks don’t usually require a lot of maintenance — mostly, they just need to be cleaned regularly. You should also be careful what you put down the drain. Never pour grease, fat, or oil down your kitchen sink, and be careful what you put in your garbage disposal, too. Fibrous vegetables, pasta, rice, eggshells, meat, fruit pits or seeds, and coffee grounds should all be thrown in the trash. 

When you need to find a plumber near you to help repair or replace a sink, turn to Candu. We can book experienced local plumbers in your area, and you’ll know you can trust them, because you’ll have the Candu Will Do Guarantee

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