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Easy, Dependable HVAC Repair.

HVAC on the fritz? Schedule HVAC repair online and get comfortable again. Don’t get caught in summer’s heat with no AC or winter’s cold with no heat. Let Candu help you find dependable HVAC repair or services today.


HVAC Repair Services

At Candu Home, we understand that your home’s HVAC system is one of its most crucial. Without it, you’d swelter in the summer, and freeze in the winter -- and it’s not just you and your family who would suffer. Your home and belongings could also suffer damage due to unmitigated temperature extremes. That’s why we offer our members a full range of HVAC and air conditioning repair services, including:

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    A/C Repair

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    Boiler Repair

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    Swamp Cooler Repair

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    Heating Repair

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When your heating and cooling system fails, Candu can help you find the right professional to get it up and running again, for a reasonable price based on market rates in your area.

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Candu Will Do Guarantee

We want to make things right. All repairs and replacements are guaranteed for a full 6 months by your Candu Pro. If there are any further issues with the same part or component, the Candu Pro will come out again to fix it at no additional cost to you.

Our Guarantee

Common HVAC Problems 

You can’t avoid HVAC problems -- every type of heating and cooling system comes with its own built-in flaws and potential hazards. But you can stay vigilant and deal with HVAC problems as they come up, and Candu is standing by to help.


The Candu Pro Network contains thousands of HVAC professionals around the country, ready to help you with common problems like:

  • A furnace blowing cold air or radiators that won’t get hot
  • A heat pump or furnace that won’t shut off
  • Uneven heating or cooling throughout the house
  • Thermostat or other heater control malfunction
  • A burning smell when the furnace kicks on, or other weird HVAC-related smells
  • Mold in your ducts or vents
  • Short-cycling (turning on and off quickly) or not turning off at all
  • Broken furnace, A/C or radiator fans
  • A pilot light or ignition system that won’t stay lit
  • Leaking ductwork
  • Low A/C refrigerant
  • Drain clogs
  • Dirty condenser coils
  • Dirty HVAC filters
  • Gurgling, whistling, banging, or other loud sounds from your boiler pipes
  • Leaking or dripping from your A/C, swamp cooler, or boiler system
  • Ruptured swamp cooler water lines

You know that when your HVAC breaks down, the whole house will be miserable until it gets fixed -- unless you’re lucky and it happens during the two months of the year when the weather is perfect. Don’t suffer for a moment longer than you have to. Sign up today and book your HVAC service appointment -- it’s that easy!

The stars are aligned on our reviews

Here's what our customers are saying:

Completed the appliance repair on time and saved me money compared to what it would have cost me using conventionally. Dale N
Candu quoted me a simple flat fee and sent over a contractor who arrived when he said he would, communicated well, and got the job done. It was such a relief to work with someone who showed up on time as scheduled, regardless of the fee. And I was impressed that Candu honored their very fair fee, even when the repair turned out to be large. Matthew W

Frequently Asked HVAC Questions:

Can I just use Candu to get a diagnosis and quote?

You can. Choose “Diagnosis Only” during the booking process. You’ll pay the $79 booking fee, and your Candu Pro will give you a quote to complete the repair. If you decide to hire them, you’ll pay them directly for the service -- including any parts and labor costs that may arise.

What if my HVAC repair takes longer or requires more parts than originally expected?

Home repairs are unpredictable -- that’s one of the reasons scheduling them and paying for them is so stressful for most homeowners. While we can estimate how much your repair will cost based on information you give us at the time of booking, there’s no way to know what unexpected problems may lie beneath the surface. But you don’t need to worry about that. Your quoted flat fee will remain your repair cost, no matter what extra parts or extra labor might be needed to fix your problem.

How much will my HVAC repair cost?

We use the average going rate for similar repairs in your ZIP code area to quote you a flat-fee that reflects a fair market price for your repair. You’ll pay $79 up front as a booking fee, and the rest when your repair is done. If flat-fee repairs aren’t available for your repair, you’ll be able to get a diagnosis and quote for the cost of the booking fee.

How long will my HVAC repair take?

When you book your repair, we’ll give you an estimate of how long it will take to fix your issue. We base this time estimate on how long it takes to fix similar problems in your ZIP code area, on average.

How do I schedule an HVAC repair?

Use our easy, online booking system to schedule an HVAC repair. You can choose an appointment window at a day and time that works for your schedule.

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