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Garbage Disposal Repair

Get your garbage disposal fixed when you need it. Candu™ Pros are standing by.

garbage disposal

When leftovers and food scraps can go into the garbage disposal, cleaning up your dishes after a meal is that much easier. But garbage disposal problems always seem to strike at the most inconvenient times — during Thanksgiving dinner prep, for instance. 

Common Issues

Diagnosing your garbage disposal problem on your own can be a challenge because each potential problem can have multiple causes. The issue might be food waste or utensils stuck in the disposal, bad electrical connections, or even a poor seal or gasket. 

When you start having problems with your garbage disposal, Candu can help you find a local expert from the Candu Pro network to fix it. Your garbage disposal might be: 

  • Clogged 
  • Leaking 
  • Humming, but not turning on 
  • Not turning on at all 
  • Smoking 
  • Backing up into the dishwasher 

Or maybe your sink is clogged and only drains when the disposal is switched on. Whatever the problem, our network of Candu Pros can help. Want to give fixing it yourself a try? We can help with DIY tips, too. 

Candu can help.

Having a broken or clogged garbage disposal doesn’t just mean you have no place to toss your plate scrapings. When your garbage disposal isn’t working right, unprocessed chunks of food could slip into your pipes, and clog your sink. Then you’ll have an even worse problem on your hands. 

Candu Pros are standing by with the solutions you need to get your garbage disposal running again, whether you just need to know how to unclog or reset your garbage disposal, or you’re looking for professional garbage disposal repair. 

Brands Serviced

  • InSinkErator 

  • Moen 

  • Waste King 

  • KitchenAid  

  • Whirlpool 

  • GE 

No matter how great a garbage disposal is when it’s new, normal wear and tear can cause it to break down eventually. When that happens, we can help. No matter what brand of garbage disposal you have under your sink, we can hook you up with a Candu Pro to fix it for you. You’ll get your garbage disposal repair done right the first time, so you can move on with your life. 

Types Serviced

Garbage disposals typically fall into one of two categories: batch feed and continuous feed.

Batch feed garbage disposals are equipped with a stopper that must be closed before the unit can be activated. You also have to fill up the entire chamber before you can turn on the unit. This eliminates the risk of jamming the unit with a utensil or other object, and it also protects against injury because you can’t operate the unit without the cover on.

Continuous feed garbage disposals are the more common type. You can turn a continuous feed disposal on without having to insert the stopper first, and it stays on until you switch it off. You can keep throwing food waste into it the entire time it’s on. You don’t need to fill it up in order to operate it. This type can be jammed by utensils or other objects, and you could hurt yourself if you stick your hand in it. 

Do you garbage disposal repair? Book your service now.

Parts We Replace

A garbage disposal consists of a canister with an upper chamber for food waste, a motor in the bottom, and dull metal blades to grind up food waste. Near the top of the food waste chamber there should be an inlet pipe for a dishwasher hose. Dirty water from your dishwasher can flow through this inlet pipe and into your garbage disposal.  

Some parts Candu Pros will replace include: 

  • The seals and flanges connecting the garbage disposal to the drain pipe and sink hole 
  • The motor 
  • The shredder ring 
  • The flywheel 
  • The impellers 

Most newer garbage disposals have an internal breaker that will trip when the unit becomes jammed, to protect the motor from overheating. Garbage disposals typically have a reset button on the bottom or front that helps you reset the motor when the unit becomes jammed. The breaker may be located behind an electrical cover plate on the bottom of the unit. 

You should also find a hex key wrench hole on the bottom of the disposal. This allows you to turn the flywheel manually to remove a jam or clog. 

Should you repair or replace your garbage disposal? 

Typically, a garbage disposal should last 8-15 years. How do you know when you should replace, rather than repair, your garbage disposal?

You should consider replacing your disposal if: 

  • It is getting clogged frequently 
  • It is leaking around the sink hole flange or in other parts of the unit besides the drain or dishwasher lines 
  • It’s taking much longer than it used to to grind up food waste 
  • It has developed a foul odor that you can’t get rid of with normal cleaning 
  • You find yourself having to push the reset button often 
  • You’re replacing your dishwasher or sink 

Not sure whether you should repair or replace your garbage disposal? Your Candu Pro has the experience to help you make a decision. 

DIY Tips

Got a garbage disposal that's not grinding? Check out this video to help you troubleshoot some of the most common problems. 

DIY tips are for informational purposes only. Learn more.

garbage disposal maintenance

Garbage Disposal Maintenance

Taking care of your garbage disposal properly will help it last longer. To maintain your garbage disposal, know what you should and shouldn’t put into it. Avoid putting fibrous vegetables, pasta, rice, egg shells, fruit seeds and pits, coffee grounds, meat, or grease in your garbage disposal.

Cut up food waste into small pieces before putting it in your garbage disposal. Feed food waste in slowly, and always run water into the disposal while using it, to help flush food waste particles down the drain pipe. Clean your garbage disposal regularly with ice, baking soda and vinegar, citrus peels, and dish soap. 

When you have problems with your garbage disposal that you can’t fix, Candu has the solutions. Want DIY tips? We’ve got them. Need professional help? The Candu Pro network includes thousands of service technicians all over the country, so there’s always someone to help with your problem. 

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