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Free-Standing Ice Maker Repair

When you need a larger supply of ice than the small ice maker in your freezer can supply, you need a free-standing ice maker.

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Most compact models make between 12 and 26 pounds of ice per day, so you and your family can stay cool, whether you’re hosting a family picnic, watching the big game, celebrating something special or just having a quiet night in.

But when your ice maker is not working properly, things can heat up fast. At Candu, we connect homeowners with reliable appliance repair professionals near them for a fixed cost to eliminate surprises.

Common Issues

Is your ice maker not working or not making ice? Some common problems Candu Pros are trained to address include:

  • Problems with the freezer switch

  • The freezer being too warm to keep the ice frozen

  • Low water pressure to the machine

  • A defective water inlet valve

  • A clogged water filter

  • A malfunctioning door switch

  • Problems with the mold thermostat

  • Decreased ice production

  • Water leaking into the machine

  • The ice maker is making deformed ice cubes

  • The ice maker is not making ice at all

Often, these issues are the result of malfunctioning valves or other parts, which can cause high temperatures inside the machine, low water supply to the ice maker, or issues with filters or the supply lines. All of these problems can have you wondering, “Where can I find a reliable professional for ice machine repair near me?”

Ice Maker Repair vs. Replacement

How long do stand-alone ice machines last? Most last about four to five years or longer, if they’re exceptionally well-maintained. However, even with the best maintenance, it’s unlikely that your ice maker will last for longer than 10 years.

Sometimes, it’s more cost-effective to replace a faulty appliance, especially if it’s an older unit. If the Candu Pro we send to your home determines that repairs to your ice maker would be too costly, he or she will recommend replacement. Your ice maker may also need to be replaced if the repairs can’t be made if, for example, the parts can no longer be found for it.

If you end up needing to replace your ice maker, don’t worry. Candu can help you find an ice machine from one of our partners, and you can save up to X%.

Brands Serviced

  • Frigidaire

  • GE

  • Whirlpool

  • KitchenAid

  • Kenmore

  • Samsung

  • Follett

Candu Pros are experienced in repairing a range of stand-alone ice makers from most manufacturers.

Types Serviced

Whether your refrigerator ice maker is not working or you’re having problems with your free-standing ice maker, Candu can help you get it working like new again. There are three basic types of ice makers that Candu Pros work on: free-standing or stand-alone ice machines, refrigerator or freezer ice makers, and portable ice machines.

Candu Pros maintain, repair and install ice makers every day, so they’ll know exactly what to do to get yours running properly again.

Many of the same manufacturers that made the rest of your kitchen appliances also manufacture stand-alone and built-in ice makers. No matter what problem you have with your ice maker, troubleshooting and repair is a breeze for the dedicated, qualified and reputable Candu Pros we work with. You can easily schedule a two-hour appointment window that fits your schedule with our easy online booking portal.

Do you need ice maker repair? Book service in your area.

Parts We Replace

Candu Pros can replace any part on your free-standing, built-in or refrigerator ice machine, such as:

  • Thermostats

  • Condensers

  • Solenoids

  • Motors

  • Timers

  • Valves

  • Control nodules

  • Tubing

  • Water filtration systems and water filters

  • Storage bins and baggers

Worried about the cost of ice machine repair? Our customers pay a flat fee to fix their ice machine. Simply fill out our fast, easy online booking form and pick an appointment window that fits your schedule. The flat fee includes all parts, labor and our Candu Will Do Guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about the cost.


Maintaining your ice maker is the key to making sure it lasts a long time. You should clean your ice maker regularly, and don’t forget to change the filter and de-scale the unit. Stand-alone models need room to breathe, so leave space around them for ventilation. If you don’t use your ice maker very often, empty out the old ice once a week or so.

Let Candu send a Candu Pro to your home to check out your stand-alone or refrigerator ice machine regularly. An expert service professional can examine your unit for signs of impending problems, so it's less likely you have to deal with an unexpected breakdown. Book your service appointment with Candu online today.

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