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Boiler Repair

Keep your home warm, get boiler repairs when you need it.


Do you need to repair your boiler heater? Boiler heaters use steam or hot water to heat your home, sending it from a central boiler tank through pipes to radiators in each room of your home. As the hot water or steam cools down, it heats your home, and the resulting cold water returns to the boiler tank to be heated again and redistributed. 

Common Issues

When you have problems with your boiler heat, you need a trained professional to help you fix it. Some common problems homeowners have with their boilers include: 

  • A pilot light that won’t stay lit 
  • Radiators that won’t heat 
  • Banging, gurgling, whistling, or rumbling in the system 
  • The boiler shuts off 
  • The thermostat doesn’t work right 
  • Loss of pressure in the boiler system 
  • Leaking or dripping from the boiler system 

Any of these problems can impact your boiler’s ability to function, and leave your family shivering. There’s no reason to let a boiler breakdown make you miserable. Get help from a Candu™ Pro today.

Why Boilers?

Boilers have a lot of benefits — they’re clean, dust-free, efficient and tend to be more durable than some other heating systems, because they have fewer moving parts. But even the best boiler will sometimes need service. Let the Candu Pro Network put you in touch with a service professional who can meet your needs. 

Brands Serviced

  • Crown

  • Weil-McLain 

  • Bell & Gossett 

  • AO Smith 

  • H.B. Smith, Inc. 

  • Peerless 

  • Thermal Solutions 

  • AB&M 

  • Laars Heating Systems Company 

  • Hurst Boiler & Welding 

  • Enervex 

  • Columbia Boiler Company 

The HVAC service professionals in the Candu Pro Network service boiler systems from all major manufacturers. When you have a boiler breakdown, you need an experienced professional to get it up and running again. Book a service appointment online with Candu and we’ll put you in touch with one of the trained and licensed boiler service professionals in our network. 

Types Serviced

There are two main types of boilers: steam and hot water. Boilers can run on electric, gas, or oil, with electric being the most common power source for steam boilers. The service professionals in the Candu Pro Network can help you find someone to fix your hot water or steam boiler. 

While they’re not very common in new construction homes, for which homeowners and builders tend to prefer forced air furnaces, boilers can still be found in many older homes, as well as multi-family units and apartment buildings, thanks to how well they work in large buildings and buildings with multiple residences.  

How Boilers Work

A steam boiler works by turning hot water into steam and pushing that steam through pipes and radiators with pressure and gravity. As it moves through your home, the heat disperses into your spaces and the steam turns back into cold water. 

Because heat rises, the cold water returns back down to the boiler under the pressure of gravity, while the fresh hot steam from the boiler tank rises back up through the pipes and radiators. Hot water boilers work on the same principle, but operate at a lower temperature, because they use hot water, rather than steam. 

Do you need boiler repair? Book your service now.

Parts We Replace

    • Supply lines 
    • Heat exchanger 
    • Burner  
    • Circulator pumps 
    • Return lines 
    • Condenser tanks 
    • Deaerator tanks 

    Boilers have fewer moving parts than other heating systems, making them more durable and long-lasting. However, modern boiler systems use a number of component parts to achieve their purpose. Steam boilers may have parts that hot water boilers don’t have, like condenser and deaerator tanks, which are needed to store and move the water as it changes state from liquid to gas. Hot water boilers don’t need these components, because the water is always in liquid form within these systems.  

    Should you Repair or Replace your Boiler?

    It’s never fun having a boiler breakdown in the middle of winter. But can your boiler be repaired, or do you need to replace it? As with any heating system, a boiler replacement can cost thousands of dollars. Could you save money by repairing your old boiler? 

    It depends on a number of factors, including how old your boiler is and how bad the problem is. The cost of repairing an older boiler may be prohibitive, because it might be too difficult for the service professional to find the parts needed for a boiler repair on an older system. And, if your boiler is older, there’s a good chance it will keep needing repairs. 

    A boiler replacement may be the best option if your boiler is older. You can benefit from a manufacturer’s warranty on your new unit, and save on repeated boiler repairs to an aging unit. 

    boiler maintenance

    Boiler Maintenance

    Maintaining your boiler properly will cut down on panicked web searches for “how to fix a boiler.” Most forms of maintenance on a home boiler system will require the help of a service professional, because these closed systems are under pressure and contain hot water or even hotter steam.  

    However, there are a couple of maintenance tasks you can do yourself. You can check your boiler’s heat exchanger for leaks, because any leaks in the system are a sign it needs repair -- a boiler should be a closed system. You can also check the boiler’s chimney and vent connection for signs of deterioration.  

    You may also be able to flush the boiler tank yourself during the off-season, when you are not using the unit. You can also lubricate the circulating pump by pouring 3-in-1 oil into the system’s oil cup. However, to best preserve the life of your boiler, and prevent unexpected breakdowns, you should have the unit professionally serviced once a year.

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