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Bath & Shower Repair

Clogs, fixtures or general repair needs? Candu™ Pros will get your shower or tub back in working order.

shower head

Few rooms in your home are more important than your bathroom. It’s where you do your most basic self-care, and you need everything in there in good working order. That means your sink and toilet need to be functioning, as well as your outlets, light switches, heaters, and fans. But the most important fixtures in your bathroom are probably your bathtub and shower.

Whether you have just one or the other, a combo bath and shower, or — luxury of luxuries — a separate soaker tub and shower, it’s vital that you get them serviced when something goes wrong. You can’t just live with a clogged shower drain or a broken bathtub faucet.  

Common Issues

The most common problems with bathtubs and showers are drain clogs, clogs in the faucet or showerhead, leaks in the faucet or showerhead, or broken knobs or faucets. Cracks and chips in the tile wall of a shower are also common, and chips, dings, or cracks in a bathtub surface can also require refinishing or replacement of the tub. 

Showers and tubs can also develop problems with the seal around the glass doors, or around the tub or shower. Whether you want to try a DIY solution first, or you really need plumbing services for your shower or bathtub repair, Candu has you covered. The Candu Pro network gives you access to some of the best plumbing services in your area. 

Candu can help.

And often, a web search for “plumbers near me” isn’t enough to help you find a reliable service professional. How do you know that the plumber you picked from a web search will do a good job with your bathtub or shower repair? How do you know that the online reviews are real, honest, and accurate? You don’t. That’s where we can help. We vet each Candu Pro to make sure they have background checks on their entire team 

Brands Serviced

  • American Standard 

  • Sinkology 

  • Woodbridge 

  • Kohler 

  • Moen 

  • Hydroluxe 

  • Delta 

  • Waterpoint 

  • High Sierra 

  • Speakman 

Candu Pros are experienced at repairing all major brands of shower and bathtub, from standard to luxury. All showers and tubs have similar parts and work the same way, so brand shouldn’t matter too much when it comes to finding a service pro for your bathtub or shower repair. What matters is their level of experience and qualifications. You need a knowledgeable plumber to solve your shower and bath problems so you can get back to enjoying your bathroom time again. 

Types Serviced

Candu Pros service and repair all types of bathtubs and showers, from bath and tub combos to walk-in showers and freestanding tubs. When you need a professional to repair, install, or replace a bathtub or shower, or a bath fixture like a faucet or showerhead, you need someone who's seen it all.  

That’s why Candu is the right choice. It gives you access to local plumbers with the skills and experience to service, repair, and replace every bathtub or shower, no matter what brand or what type. You can trust your Candu Pro to handle your bathtub or shower repair, no matter how complex it might be. 

Types of bathtubs Candu Pros in our network have serviced include: 

  • Standard 
  • Whirlpool and air 
  • Combination 
  • Freestanding 
  • Soaking 
  • Walk-in 

Types of showers that Candu Pros have serviced include:

  • Manual mixer 
  • Thermostatic mixer 
  • Electric 
  • Combination boiler system 
  • Gravity system 
  • Eco 
  • Digital 
  • Mains pressure system 

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Parts We Replace

Bathtubs have a lot more moving parts than you might think. Parts that may need replacing during your bathtub repair include: 

  • The mixer faucet 
  • The overflow pipe 
  • The mixer faucet 
  • The gasket between the faucet and the tub 
  • The retaining nut 
  • The flexible connector 
  • The cold or hot water supply pipe 
  • The trap for the waste pipe 
  • The drain 
  • The isolation valve 
  • The silicone seal between the abutment and the wall 

If you have a shower/bath combo, you’ll also have all of these parts in your bath, as well as all of the most common shower parts, including the shower head, the shower diverter pipe, and the shower controls. Sometimes, in a combination shower and bath, both the shower and the bath will operate on the same controls.  

Should you repair or replace your shower or tub fixtures? 

Common plumbing fixtures like baths and showers can last a long time, especially enameled steel or cast iron models, which can last for 50 years or more and can be refinished to repair chips and cracks in the enamel. Acrylic and fiberglass tubs last about 10 to 15 years, and while they can be refinished to extend their life, fiberglass tubs may be more prone to cracks that can structurally damage the tub or shower. 

How can you tell when it’s time to replace your bathtub or shower? Cracks in your shower wall, pan, or bathtub can make replacement a good idea. A leaky, moldy, or stained fixture should be replaced. Faucets, showerheads, and other hardware will need to be replaced more often than the fixture itself.  

DIY Tips

Tired of seeing that crack, chip, or hole in your bathtub or shower? Check out this step-by-step guide to help you repair it in no time. 

DIY tips are for informational purposes only. Learn more.

shower or tub maintenance

Shower & Bathtub Maintenance

Cleaning your bathtub or shower regularly will help keep it in good shape and prevent stains, mold, and mildew, but it’s not the only maintenance you need to perform. Replace leaking faucets and showerheads to cut down on your water bill. Seal the tile and grout in your shower yearly to keep water from damaging the wall behind the tile.

Inspect your shower for signs of water damage behind the tile or surround and address them immediately. You should examine the caulk around your bath or shower regularly to make sure it’s not cracking or peeling, and fix it if it is. Make sure to include the caulk around the frame of the shower door, too.

When you need local plumbing services, you don’t have time to play contractor roulette. You need to know you’re going to get quality help, quickly. Candu can put you in touch with great local plumbers and other service professionals in your area. 

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