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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Candu™ Membership?

Our goal with the Candu Membership is to take the hassle out of home ownership by serving as your personal go-to resource, guide, and advisor for “all things home”. Your membership is FREE and gives you access to:

  • Flat-fee Repairs through the Candu Pro network

  • Candu Will Do Guarantee™

  • Discounts on New Appliances

  • Library of DIY fixes

  • Candu Member Portal

  • And more to come!

You can access your membership through your Member Account. To learn more about a Candu Membership, see the Candu Membership Agreement.

With the appliance repair service offered with my Candu Membership, is the flat-fee price I get to fix my appliance really the price I’ll pay?

You bet! The price you’re quoted during booking is the price you’ll pay — even if your Candu Pro finds out it may take longer (or cost more) to repair. That’s on us. Our prices are 100% inclusive of all parts and labor and come with the Candu Will Do Guarantee. You pay $79 when you book and pay the rest when the job is done. Exclusions to this pricing structure are rare but do exist and can be reviewed in our Candu Membership Agreement.

Are there any additional fees that I should know about as a Candu member?

There are no costs to become a Candu member, but additional fees may apply for some membership benefits. There are no hidden fees associated with flat-fee repairs, though certain coverage limitations may apply. Also, under certain limited circumstances, your repair may not be feasible. See the Candu Membership Agreement to learn more.

How do you know how much my flat-fee repair will cost?

We will ask you for the kind of repair you have and your ZIP code. Then, we look at recent data collected for similar repairs in your area. This information, plus our four and half decades of home repair knowledge, gives us confidence that the price you get is fair and will cover everything needed to make the repair. No surprises!

Can I get someone to diagnose the problem with my appliance and give me a quote?

Sure. Choose the Diagnosis Only option online when you book, and you’ll pay $79 for a Candu Pro to send someone out to troubleshoot the repair. Then, you’ll pay the Candu Pro directly for the parts and labor once the work is done. If a repair is not feasible, the Candu Pro can provide an estimate for a replacement. All repairs and replacements are backed by our 6-month Candu Will Do Guarantee™. See details.

What if I selected a flat-fee repair and my item can’t be fixed?

If your Candu Pro determines that your repair can't be made, you don’t pay the final service completion fee. If it's an appliance, you can choose to purchase a new GE Appliance model from our Candu Upgrade Program and save — your discounted Member price includes free delivery, installation, and removal of your old appliance.

What if I don’t want to replace my appliance through Candu?

You’re not obligated at all. If you don’t want to buy through our Candu Appliance Upgrade Program, feel free to shop around. You pay nothing more than the upfront fee amount.

How long will it take to make my repair?

We look at similar repairs in your area. This helps us give you more realistic time expectations during sign-up, so you know what to expect before your Candu Pro arrives.

How does online scheduling work?

It’s easy. We’ll work around your schedule. Just choose the day and appointment window you want during the booking process. We’ll ask your Candu Pro to send someone to your home during that time. If subsequent service is needed, your Candu Pro will work directly with you to schedule.

Why should I choose Candu?

We found a better way to get things done. As a Candu member, you’ll know what to expect from the beginning, including getting DIY content that may save you from booking service at all. You’ll also get how much it will cost to make a repair and how quickly a Candu Pro can get started. And, our Candu Pros stand behind their work. The Candu Will Do Guarantee ensures your satisfaction. See details.

Who is actually coming to my home to make my repair?

Your Candu Pro will assign someone from their team to come to your home to make the repair. Once you book service, we’ll send you a follow-up email with information about your matched Candu Pro — a vetted professional. Candu Pros are local, independant businesses, so don't be surprised if they arrive wearing a uniform that features their company. 

What do I have to pay upfront when I choose the flat-fee option?

You pay a diagnostic fee upfront to get the job started. You’ll pay the remainder of the flat-fee once the repair has been made.

Is the flat-fee price always my least expensive option?

We think it’s a great value. We work hard to offer Candu members flat-fee prices that are competitive with typical local repair costs, plus the peace of mind that comes with price certainty, a 6-month repair guarantee, and access to discounted appliance replacements. We’re continuously improving our pricing algorithms and adding member benefits to offer you more value on flat-fee repairs, but if you’re ever not satisfied we’ll work with you to make things right.

What happens if my Candu Pro doesn’t show up during my appointment window?

We value your time and hope your appointment window will always be met. We also know that while our Candu Pros do some superhero stuff, they are, in fact, human and human things happen…things like traffic, family and weather. If your Candu Pro misses your appointment time and doesn’t offer a resolution you’re happy with, we want to know so we can make it right.

Why do we give you DIY content?

We’re happy to help however we can. If we know a quick, easy fix for your problem, we’ll share it with you. Then, you can decide if it’s something you feel good about trying yourself. It may save you some time (and money). If it’s more than you want to take on, let us know and we’ll send a Candu Pro.

Why do some repairs have flat-fee prices while others are diagnosis only?

Some repairs are more complicated to estimate than others. When we can, we’ll provide flat-fee repair prices, which includes all appliances. Potential repair costs for things like your HVAC system vary widely and make it harder for us to pin down without an in-home estimate. When we do send a Candu Pro to diagnose your issue and provide a quote, we require that quote includes all parts and labor so there are no surprises.

We found a better way to help you get things done.