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Is Your Microwave Not Turning On?

Watch this step-by-step video to help you fix your microwave it it is not turning on.


Try the "Start" button

First, make sure that you have tried pushing the “Start” button to use the microwave. Forgetting to hit the “Start” button is a fairly common reason people believe their microwave may not be working.


Clear and reset the display

If pressing the “Start” button doesn’t work, try clearing and resetting the display by pressing the “Stop” or “Cancel” button.


Make sure the microwave is plugged in

Be sure that the microwave is plugged in all the way. It is possible for the plug to get nudged and may just need to be plugged back in.


Reset the breaker

If the microwave is plugged in and isn’t receiving power, try resetting the breaker or fuse. It is possible that the microwave has tripped the breaker or blown a fuse.


Check the door closes

Lastly, be sure that the door is closing all the way. Microwaves utilize sensors to ensure that the door is closed all the way in order to function properly.

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