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How It Works

Working with Candu™ is refreshingly simple. Sign up for your FREE membership and tell us what’s going on in your home. We are here to take the hassle out of your home ownership and to serve as your personal go-to resource, guide, and advisor for “all things home,” including access to our home repair services. We have some really smart data that helps us determine your price and the estimated repair time and we’ll connect you to someone from our network of vetted, highly-rated Candu Pros who are ready to help fix whatever’s going on in your home. Here’s how to get started.

Step 1

Tell us what's going on and get pricing info.

Just give us a few details online, like the issue you’re having and your ZIP code. If your repair is something simple to troubleshoot online, we’ll show you the price – including parts and labor. You’ll become a FREE member just by signing up and we may even have a DIY fix you can try. See details.

Step 2

We’ll send a highly-rated Candu™ Pro.

If you received a flat-fee price for your repair, we’ll book a Candu Pro for the repair. If pricing wasn’t available and you need an in-home estimate, we’ll schedule that. At your home, your Candu Pro will provide a complete repair estimate (including parts and labor) or an estimate for replacement if your repair is not feasible.

Step 3

Your Candu Pro will do the repair.

Agree to the price, and your highly-rated Candu Pro will get started. We handpick each Candu Pro and require that they (and their employees) have background checks.

Step 4

Your repair or replacement is guaranteed for 6 months.

As part of our Candu Will Do Guarantee™, we make sure all repairs and replacements are guaranteed for a full 6 months by your Candu Pro. If there are any further issues with the same part or component, the Candu Pro will come out again to fix it at no additional cost to you. See details.

Step 5

Need a replacement? Use our Candu Upgrade Program and save.

If your appliance can't be fixed, or you want something new, you may be eligible to save on a wide selection of new models through our Candu Upgrade Program. Plus, discounted pricing includes free delivery, installation and removal of your old item. See details.

We found a better way to help you get things done.